other fun projects

l’anthologie de l’amour

dimensions: 4″ x 11-½” x 5-½”

materials: ash, reclaimed heart pine, copper, leather, stone, paper

embellishments: brûlée texture, flame-treated copper plate with a poem stamped into it

the story
This piece came to life during dinner and drinks as friends were talking about a special way to present the notes and well-wishes from wedding guests to a soon-to-be bride and groom.  We talked and shared ideas and soon l’anthologie de l’amour was born.

live-edge wall shelves

dimensions: 46″ x 57″ x 18″

materials: site-harvested walnut, stainless steel

embellishments: live-edged shelves

the story
The design of this shelving unit was inspired by the geometric paintings of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist known for his abstract color-block paintings.  Using Mondrian as a guide I designed a piece that would have various sized cubbies (real and implied) that would hold a diverse range of glassware.